ABC ‘Exhumed’ Broadcast Graphics package

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Exhumed was a 5 part TV Series that aired on the ABC Nov / Dec 2013. Hosted by James Valentine the show followed the nationwide search for ‘the best bands you’ve never heard of’ and climaxed in a live showdown of the top 6 bands at Rooty Hill RSL with guest judges Tim Rogers, Clare Bowditch and Julia Zemiro.

    Silo:6 were asked to provide a Broadcast Graphics package for the series which included Opening Sequence, Band title graphics for the Grand Final and a series of bumpers, breakers and interstitials. We approached the concept from the point of view that amateur bands have a lot of other things going on in their lives that make it hard for them to get the band together and actually play (let alone rehearse). So we dressed an old shed with a bunch of instruments almost lost amongst the rest of the gear people use for hobbies, kids, maintenance, etc. Then we shot it all macro to lead up to a reveal of the title set up on a wall amongst the clutter and instruments and faked a lot of dust to give some nice texture to the shots. The neon sign for the title was completely designed and comped in 3D as was a lot of additional items in the shots and the band names used for the Grand Final.



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