AEAF Award Winners Announced

AEAF Award Winners Announced

The winners of the AEAF Awards 2014 have now been presented in all 13 categories and announced at a wonderful Awards evening in central Sydney on 27 August. Weta Digital topped the Feature Films VFX list with ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’ for its striking animation and compositing. The beautiful simulations and lighting effects in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ earned Framestore the Silver award, and MPC took Bronze for ‘Man of Steel’, recognising effective use of environment cameras, CG characters and volumetric clouds. These awards are the first that 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes', first released in July, and 'Edge of Tomorrow', released in June, have won.

VFX supervisor Keith Miller collects the Feature Film VFX award for 'Dawn of the Planet of the Apes' for Weta Digital.

This is also the first time a new trend in making action films has been recognised at AEAF. By bringing their knowledge of photography, human and creature motion, and physical phenomena – such as light, fluids and destruction – into preproduction and on set to advise camera crews, directors and set designers, VFX supervisors are making high action movies more realistic and engaging for audiences. The winning films show these skills in exciting ways and hopefully, filmmakers will take advantage of them more in their upcoming projects.

The team from Fox Sports won Silver for 'Sterlo' in Titles & Openers.

A new category for AEAF, Live Event Visual Effects & Animation, was an exciting part of the screening. Spinifex Group won Gold for their dynamic, brilliant projection at the Museum of Contemporary Art, displayed during the Vivid 2014 event in Sydney. Digital Pulse took home the Silver award for their live performance water projection, Aquatique, and Ample Projects earned Bronze for their living Urban Tree Project.
 AEAF-14-3  AEAF2014-Spinifex-1
Left: Rotor Studios took home Silver in the Education & Infographics category for their Toyota 2014 Kluger Vehicle Tour.
Right: Spinifex Group are the Gold winners in the new Live Events category for their light projection displayed on the MCA in Sydney.

One of the finalists in this category was a virtual reality experience, the NRMA Occulus Rift Virtual Reality Installation, promoting motor vehicle safety features, from Fin Design + Effects in Sydney. During the coming year, look out for more virtual reality and other kinds of live, interactive and experiential projects entered into the AEAF Awards.

The Education & Infographics category is still relatively new at AEAF, and this year, a second screen project was entered that won the Gold award. ‘Two Left Feet’ from Resin is an iPad app linked to a book for children that gets them involved in reading, bringing characters to life on the iPad while they read the story. We expect that all kinds of projects for second screens will also emerge very soon and hopefully be entered in AEAF.

Will Alexander from Heckler shows off the team's Silver for Web Viral for 'Clecr Buoy' and Bronze for their SkyMovies idents.

The two largest categories, Commercials VFX and Commercials Animation, attracted so much excellent work again this time and made the judging a tough challenge. The festival has seen Super Bowl commercials entered before but this year it was the FIFA World Cup that inspired some top entries. Passion Pictures created a charismatic spot for Nike with a World Cup theme starring a team of well-known soccer champions, and won Gold in Commercials Animation. The Mill’s ‘Winner Stays’ and ‘Dare to Zlatan’ spots for Nike were other World Cup projects. However, one of The Mill’s winning projects is a talented, photoreal squirrel that knows how to brew Smithwick’s beer, taking home the Gold award in Commercials VFX.

Among these fantastic projects, the crowd of attendees at the show especially liked watching the Web Viral category, which includes Resin’s feisty Australian quoll, ‘Clever Buoy’ from Heckler, and the very funny CG animated short from Cinesite called ‘Beans’, the Gold award winner.

Ample Projects received a Bronze Award for Urban Tree Project, Live Events category.

All winners in all categories are listed below.
Remember that the AEAF is open for entries all year! Your team does not have to wait to enter close to the closing date.

Feature Film VFX
GOLD  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes    Weta Digital
SILVER  Edge of Tomorrow        Framestore
BRONZE  Man of Steel        MPC

Live Event Visual Effects & Animation
GOLD  MCA Projection - Vivid 2014        Spinifex Group
SILVER  Aquatique Water Projection – Vivid 2014    Digital Pulse
BRONZE  Urban Tree Project            Ample Projects

Commercials VFX
GOLD  Smithwick's Squirrel             The Mill
SILVER  Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag - Defy     MPC
BRONZE  Schweppes - Tumble            Fin Design + Effects

 AEAF-14-2  AEAF2014-Engine
Left: Emily Harridge collected the Bronze award for Visual Playground's Cosentino tiltes.
Right: Engine's Education & Infographics entry 'Slated' won the Bronze award.

Commercials Animation
GOLD  Nike - The Last Game              Passion Pictures
SILVER  Audi e-tron - Powerwalking    Framestore
BRONZE  Challenger - Tree                Fin Design + Effects

Short Film
GOLD  Habana                                      Autour de Minuit
SILVER  A Tale of Momentum & Inertia    LAIKA/house
BRONZE  Alice & the Giant Emptiness      The Solid State

Titles & Openers
GOLD  TEDxSydney 2014     Actual - Mindconsole
SILVER  Sterlo                     Fox Sports
BRONZE  Cosentino             Visual Playground

DD8 won the Bronze award for the GO! Channel ident in Idents & Stings.

TV Series
GOLD  Ripper Street Season 2    Screen Scene
SILVER  Nowhere Boys VFX        Surreal World
BRONZE  Moonfleet                    Screen Scene

Game Cinematics
GOLD  The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt                           Platige Image
SILVER  Civilization: Brave New World                  Plastic Wax
BRONZE  Double Happy vs The Infinite Sadness    Monkeystack

GOLD  Any Witch Way       Sabrina Denault
SILVER  Passion Fashion    Tim Strain
BRONZE  The Precipice      Tegan Harvey & Cassandra Mallett

Tim Strain is the Sudent category Silver award winner for Passion Fashion.

Music Videos

GOLD  We Are Shining - Wheel      The Mill
SILVER  Plastic Flowers                 hi-organic
BRONZE  Little Darling                  Big Cookie Studios

Web Viral
GOLD  Beans                              Cinesite VFX
SILVER  Clever Buoy                   Heckler
BRONZE  Dasyurus Maculatus      Resin

Education & Infographics
GOLD  Two Left Feet                                 Resin
SILVER  Toyota 2014 Kluger Vehicle Tour    Rotor Studios
BRONZE  Slated                                       Engine

Idents & Stings
GOLD  HBO South Asia 2013    MIRARI & CO
SILVER  GO! Channel              DD8
BRONZE  SkyMovies Idents     Heckler

 The Plastic Wax team attended in force, and collected a Silver Award for their 'Civilization: Brave New World' Game Cinematic entry.
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