Hall of Fame


Here we have listed all the finalists and winners. Over time, we will be adding the names of the people who worked on the finalist entries, as submitted on the entry forms. Many of the entrants have gone on to become stars of the visual effects industry around the world, winning awards, acclaim and achieving success as artists. We congratulate everyone who contributed to work submitted to the AEAF Awards, whether they are winners, finalists or entrants. We are grateful that so many talented people have been part of our festival over the years. We would love to hear from any past finalists or winners and find out how their careers have progressed.We will be expanding this section soon, including an alphabetical list of finalists. We have established the AEAF Hall of Fame to recognize some of the people who have contributed to the advancement of the arts of Animation and Visual Effects over the years.

Previous winners of the AEAF Awards are among the world's premier post-production companies, effects houses and film studios.

Past winners include: Weta Digital - Animal Logic - ILM - Beeps - Complete Post - Digital Pictures - Fuel - Iloura - Fin Design & Effects - Sony Pictures Imageworks - Passion Pictures - The Mill - Box Communications - John Rowe Animation - Framestore CFC - Nectarine - Bigfish Design - Pixar Animation Studios - Students from AFTRS - QUT - VCA - and many others

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