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Published on Wednesday, 25 July 2012 Written by Adriene Hurst


Among the many Australian winners at the AEAF Awards Screening on 24 July were Brisbane’s Altvfx, Sixty40 and Digital Pulse in Sydney and Oh Yeah Wow from Melbourne. The number and quality of entries in the Feature Film VFX category sparked a new Gold, Silver and Bronze system for winners, recognising MPC, Weta and Cinesite.

The winners of the Australian Effects & Animation Festival have been selected in all 13 categories and announced at a very lively AEAF Awards event on 24 July at the Event Cinema in Sydney.

The winner in Commercials VFX, the Festival’s largest category this year, is Altvfx in Brisbane with ‘Nocturnal Migration’ for Tooheys. Kia ‘Share Some Soul’ from Method Studios in Los Angeles topped the Commercials Animation entries. Members of Method's Sydney team were on hand to collect the Award.

The Feature Films - Visual Effects Gold award goes to MPC for ‘Prometheus’, Silver to Weta Digital for ‘The Avengers’, and Bronze to Cinesite for ‘John Carter of Mars’. Not only was the complexity, expertise and originality of all three entries excellent but the judges found the levels of attention to storytelling and contribution to the whole film were also very high.

Feature Films - Animation winner is ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ from Weta Digital who generously supplied some great breakdown footage of their animation and effects work across the project.

The Titles & Openers Award went to Dvein in Spain for ‘Eva’ - Film Main Titles, Digital Pulse won in Idents & Stings with their Foxtel idents and Framestore collected the Web/Viral award for ‘Coca Cola Polar Bowl’.

Taste Media in Sydney received the Flash Animation award for their call for entries spot for Live & Love Film Festival 2011. The Game Cinematics award winners are Sydney’s Plastic Wax Animation with ‘Civilzation 5 Gods and Kings’ and Oh Yeah Wow in Melbourne have picked up the Music Video award for ‘Easy Way Out’ by Gotye. Winner of the Short Film category is Joyrider Films for ‘The Gate’ by director, writer, VFX and concept artist and animator Matt Westrup.

The winning TV Series is the HBO production ‘Game of Thrones’ from Pixomondo, who also supplied fascinating footage showing breakdowns of their Series 2 creatures and environments. The Education & Training winner is Sixty40 in Sydney for ‘NBN Explained’ and the Student award was won by Christopher Potter for top animation work on ‘Ernie the Echidna’.

The Method team in Sydney with the Commericals Animation Award for Kia 'Share Some Soul'.  
Takeshi Takada from Altvfx with the Commercialis VFX Award for Tooheys 'Nocturnal Migration'.  

Left: VFX Supervisor Guy Williams from Weta with the Feature Films VFX Silver Award for 'The Avengers'.
Right: VFX Producer Meredith Meyer-Nichols at Weta with Feature Films Animation Award for 'The Adventrues of Tintin'.

    Avengers-Weta_1040549        Tintin-weta_1040548  
Adam Hicks and David Hoare from Digital Pulse with the Award for Idents & Stings for their Foxtel idents.  
 The Game Cinematics award winners are Sydney’s Plastic Wax Animation with ‘Civilzation 5 Gods and Kings’.  
The Education & Training winner is Sixty40 for ‘NBN Explained’, picked up by Mark Simpson (right) and Matt Tillman.  
The Student winner is Christopher Potter for his 3D animation project 'Ernie the Echidna'.  
AEAF Sponsors from Digistor attended on the night.  



Feature Films VFX
Prometheus – MPC – Gold
The Avengers – Weta Digital - Silver
John Carter of Mars - Cinesite - Bronze

Feature Films - Animation
The Adventures of Tintin - Weta Digital

Commercials Animation
Kia - Share Some Soul - Method Studios

Commercials VFX
Nocturnal Migration - Altvfx

Education & Training
NBN Explained - sixty40

Flash Animation
Live and Love Film Festival 2011 -
Taste Media

Game Cinematics
Civilization 5 Gods and Kings - Plastic Wax Animation

Music Video
Easy Way Out - Gotye - Oh Yeah Wow

Short Film
The Gate - Joyrider Films

Ernie the Echidna - Christopher Potter

Titles & Openers 
Eva - Film Main Titles - Dvein

Idents & Stings
Foxtel idents - Digital Pulse

TV Series
Game of Thrones - Pixomondo

Web / Viral     
Coca Cola Polar Bowl - Framestore

Full list of Finalists 

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