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Published on Saturday, 07 July 2012 Written by aeaf

AEAF Awards 2012 Finalists have been selected.


Receiving and viewing the entries for this year's festival has been an exciting process. The projects submitted are better than ever. Many of the submissions among the Finalists listed here are also viewable in the AEAF Online Festival now, and you are also invited to see them on the big screen on 24 July at the AEAF Awards Screening.

Commercials VFX
Nocturnal Migration - Alt.vfx
Myer - Cutting Edge
Smirnoff - Cutting Edge
Pyrex - Cutting Edge
Pepsi 'Crowd Surfing' - Framestore
Axe 'The Chain' - Framestore
Cadbury's Bubbly 'Joyville' - Framestore
Weight Watchers - FSM
GLM for Lee - Heckler
Brother Printers That Sprint - Heckler
Yamaha Magic - Liquid Animation
Chevy - 2012 Silverado - Method Studios
Verizon - Arena - Method Studios
Yamaha Alien - Method Studios
Avios Anything can Fly - MPC
Playstation The World is in Play - MPC
Direct TV - MPC
Channel 4, Street Summer - MPC
Thoroughbred Racing SA 'The Races' - Resin
5 seeds - Robotfx
Falken Azenis, Track to the street - Rotor Studios
Rock Giant - The Mill NY
NRMA - zspace
Starhub TVC - zspace

Commercials Animation
Coca Cola Spirit of the Euro - Bent Image
Sunny Eggs Queensland - Cutting Edge
Specsavers 'Koala'- Framestore
Andrex 'Hakle' - Framestore
Arla Farm - Framestore
Allianz - FSM
Digicel Pacific - Hackett Films
Mobile Muster The Promise- Heckler
Kia  Share Some Soul - Method Studios
Street Jam - MFX
Nintendo Fossil Fighters - MPC
Nationwide Carousel- MPC
Tiny Teddy and Spotty Dog - pictureDRIFT
Darksiders 2 TVC - Plastic Wax Animation
Adelaide Festival 2012 - Resin
Toyota Kluger My Family- Resolution Design
Samsung Music Hub - Resolution Design
Bulleit Bourbon Its a Long Story - Resolution Design
LC200 Virtual Tour - Rotor Studios
The Re-imagined 2012 Toyota Avalon - Rotor Studios
Vantage - Studio AKA
MotherBird - The Mill NY
Mazda, Rush Hour - Visual Playground

Titles - Openers
VIVA Game One opener -  AixSponza
Brisbane International Film Festival promo - Cutting Edge
Cryo - Cutting Edge
Sanofi Conference Opener - Digital Pulse
'Eva' - Film Main Titles - Dvein
Property Month - FSM
The Straights - FSM
Gruen Planet - Hackett Films
The Avengers - main (on-end) title sequence - Method Studios
Captain America: The First Avenger - main (on-end) title sequence - Method Studios
Flickerfest on Movie Extra - pictureDRIFT
Australia's Top Model - Visual Playground
Hopman Cup - zspace

Game Cinematics
Table Top Tanks - MI
NASCAR Drive For the Cover - MI
Neverwinter - Plastic Wax Animation
Darksiders 2 Sermon - Plastic Wax Animation
Civilization 5 Gods and Kings - Plastic - Wax Animation
THE WITCHER 2 Assassins of Kings - Platige Image
Fruit Ninja - Enter Gutsu and Truffles! - The People's Republic of Animation

Education & Training
NBN Explained - sixty40
Qantas Carbon Offset - Digital Pulse
Ausgrid Electric Car - Digital Pulse
Queensland Transport Roadtrip - Matt Dye Animation

Web - Viral
Mulberry 'Autumn/Winter 2011' - Framestore
CocaCola Polar bowl - Framestore
Love Music - Audio Network - Invisible Artists
Meth Project - Studio AKA
Yeah Just There - Studio AKA

Flash Animation
Dogstar Episode 49 Titanium Chef - Media World Pictures
Super Munch Time - Smart & Sheard Productions
Live and Love Film Festival 2011 - Taste Media

TV Series
Grimm Visual FX - Bent Image
The Woodlies - Flying Bark Productions
Game of Thrones - Pixomondo
Flying Saucer - Clay Animation -  Spain

Idents & Stings
Foxtel idents - Digital Pulse
Fox Sports - NRL - FSM
A&M Awards - MFX
Disney XD Summer - Resin
Olympic Torch Relay - Studio AKA
Renovators - Visual Playground

The Magic Village - Enmore TAFE
An Arms Race - Metro South TAFE
The Magician's Hat - Pauline Brilliana Appiah
What happened to all the dodos? - Anthony Cooper
Ernie the Echidna - Christopher Potter
A Tragedy - The destiny of a robot - Kim Da-Heon

Short Film
The Last Photo - Lissa Pascale
Project Mick - Sandy Widyanata
The Ghosts of Pere Lachaise - Chezeddy
Coke Burn – 'Never Extinguish' - Cutting Edge
Cryo - Druid Films
A Cautionary Tail - Heckler
The Gate - Joyrider Films
Lost and Found - Laika
Abiogenesis - Fuzzy realms
To The Last Drop - Bill McGuire

Music Videos
Emma Louise - Jungle - Chris Clark
Easy Way Out - Oh Yeah Wow
The Boat Song - Oh Yeah Wow
Memory Tapes : Yes I Know - Something Ideal

Feature Film - VFX
John Carter of Mars - Cinesite
Wrath of the Titans - Framestore
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - Framestore
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark - Iloura
Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengence - Iloura
Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows - MPC
Wrath of the Titans - MPC
Prometheus - MPC
Immortals - Tippett Studios
Hemingway and Gellhorn - Tippett Studios
Prometheus - Weta Digital
The Avengers - Weta Digital

Feature Film Animation
Wrath of the Titans - Method Studios
The Adventures of Tintin - Weta Digital
Mirror Mirror - Tippett Studios


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